Community Building

Asking Myself What Is Not Visible

kat-j-525336-unsplashTrauma training has had a significant impact on the narrative playing in my head when I encounter behavior that seems out of line, annoying, or inappropriate.

What I see is a child throwing a tantrum in the grocery store.  What I don’t see could be the hunger the child is experiencing.

What I see is a child playing outside with a diaper that needed changing hours ago.  What I don’t see is the tough spending choices their parent/guardian is making between rent, food, and diaper needs.

What I see is a student who is not engaged in their learning.  What I don’t see might be the worry the youngster is feeling at the possibility of a returning to an empty home, their parent taken by U.S. Immigration Services.

What I see is a person who is angry without obvious explanation.  What I don’t see may be the abuse they suffer at the hands of someone whom they should be able to trust.

What I see is a co-worker not putting in the effort I expect.  What I don’t see may be a partner who is unemployed and an inability to pay the mortgage.

What I see is a group of young black men on a front porch in the middle of the day.  What I don’t see could be the way their learning style and behavior set them apart from the “norm” and caused enough time out of school to compromise their ability to succeed.

What do you see?  Please consider what you might not be seeing as well.