Community Building

Lessons from the Field

As a home visiting parent educator, I have had the great honor and pleasure of working with many different kinds of families over the years. Throughout these years, I have discussed many topics with families that are relevant to them. A recent topic of conversation with many of the families I serve has been trauma and the ACEs survey. I have introduced this on a very light level as to not confuse the families too much since this topic can be very complex.

These families were very receptive and many reacted as if a light bulb went off. Some parents felt validated and understood. I highly encouraged these families to share their ACE score with their doctor and to have an open conversation with their medical team in the event they have not heard of the ACE survey and the effects of trauma on the whole body. So as to not leave these parents feeling discouraged with a high ACE score, I also told them six things they can do to help treat the effects. These are according to the book, “The Deepest Well” by Nadine Burke-Harris and are: sleep, mental health therapy, healthy relationships, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness and meditation.

Additionally, I have shared infographs and flyers regarding trauma to local licensed home childcare providers who see many children everyday in their home. This has been very helpful not only to the providers, but to the children, the families, and the community.



Jackie Pyle

Parent Educator, Licensed Home Childcare Coach

CISD, Battle Creek Mi.